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Motion & Magnitude | MAM73.COM, LLC
80 Broad Street, 5th Floor
New York City, New York, 10004

Local +1 917-859-1565
Toll Free +1 800-811-4422



Motion & Magnitude | MAM73.COM, LLC provides innovative solutions, products, and services. Explore our offerings.

Motion and Magnitude | MAM73.COM, LLC

Founder and Managing Partner | Jehoshaphat K. Jones 

Motion and Magnitude is a private holding company and super-brand for innovative products, services, and solutions. We deliver forward-looking solutions as we focus on seven core principles and are guided by three fundamental truths. Our principles are leadership, value, integrity, collaboration, strategy, innovation, and quality. Our three truths are (1) building strong business foundations and marketing channels based upon ever-improving customer relationships, (2) leading through innovation by creating new and useful products, and (3) creating products with purpose that enable all of us to thrive.